Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Savannah Morning News Daily Deal!

I have great news! On Thursday, January 27th Faux Glow Bronzing Studio is going to be the featured Daily Deal on We are offering a fantastic deal to warm up your cold, grey January days! Plunge your skin into Spring with 50% off a custom spray tan! Yes...You read that correctly! 50% off! A Faux Glow tan looks natural and doesn't  have the orange or streaky look of other artificial tanners.  One Faux Glow session will give you the gorgeous "just off the beach" color you want, customized for your skin tone. It's the perfect winter pick-me-up! 
This is a great deal and won't last long so grab one while you can! Check out the deal on
I can't wait to schedule your spray on tan!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Prepare Your Way For The Best Spray Tan Today

Congratulations on deciding to spray tan! This is quickly becoming the most popular method of tanning today. It is the best alternative to the sun without the dangers of UV rays and permanent damage to your beautiful skin. Achieving a natural looking ‘just off the beach’ glow is easy when following these basic steps.
Laying the groundwork for your spray tan is almost as important as the skill and expertise of your spray tan consultant. Proper preparation of your skin will ensure the best possible spray tan results.
The most important step for a fabulous spray tan?
Your skin reacts to the ingredients in the spray tan-DHA or dihydroxyaceton . This is a natural occurring element that reacts to the proteins in your skin cells that turns them brown. Exfoliating prior to your tan allows those cells to be fresh and ready for an even application of the spray tan formula.
Important steps to remember when preparing for your spray tan:
Schedule your appointment 48 hours prior to your special occasion or event. This will allow your spray tan to settle in and will provide some wiggle room in the unlikely event that you have any issues with your tan. Spray tans generally require 6-8 hours to ‘set up’ on the skin so you want to give yourself plenty of time before your occasion.
On the day prior to your tan shave all areas of your body that you normally shave with a fresh razor and a good shave cream. Shaving on the day of your tan may leave some skin pores open which will show up as tiny pin points of the spray tan formula- giving it a day allows the pores to close after shaving. If you prefer to wax it is a good idea to do this 2 days prior to your spray tan.
Wash your body thoroughly with a non-moisturizing soap or body wash. Using a loofah glove or body scrub mitt... EXFOLIATE that body! Slough it all off!  Pay extra attention to your knees, heels and elbows as this is where we tend to have extra patches of rough skin. These are also the areas that can be tricky to spray tan if they haven’t been exfoliated well.
After showering DO NOT apply any lotions, deodorants, perfumes or make-up. We don’t want any barriers to your freshly exfoliated pristine skin. Your skin can now easily absorb the spray formula that will give you a beautiful tan. If you must wear make-up to go out (most of us prefer to) it can be washed off right before your session!
Wear loose fitting dark clothing to your appointment. Anything tight against the skin will act as an abrasive and will rub away your tan before it has a chance to set in. Your tan  will set in within 6-8 hours after your session.
These are the best tips for achieving a fabulous and natural looking spray tan. With the proper preparation and EXFOLIATION no one will ever know you are wearing a spray tan!
Erin Fitzgerald
Faux Glow Bronzing Studio owner/operator
714 Mall Boulevard, Suite 6 
Savannah, GA, 31406