Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to Faux Glow Bronzing Studio!

Welcome to Faux Glow Bronzing Studio!
We are the newest Airbrush Spray Bronzing and Tanning service in the Savannah and surrounding areas. With over 16 years in the beauty/spa industry we come to this business with experience, professionalism and a dedication to serve our clients with the best spray tan experience ever!  

What exactly IS a Faux Glow Spray On Bronzing/Tanning? Spray On Bronzing/Tanning uses a solution called DHA which is short for dihydroxyacetone. This tanning agent is inside all of the self tanning solutions. It is actually a sugar that interacts with your skin cells when applied. It creates a sort of stain on your skin, making it appear darker, therefore, tanner.

Why is Faux Glow Spray On Bronzing/Tanning the best sunless tanning option?
The benefits of a Faux Glow Bronzing are many! First and foremost it is a SAFE and HEALTHY alternative to beautiful, sun-kissed skin. It is fast, convenient and effective. 
  • Are you short on time but need to look gorgeous? A Faux Glow Bronzing session takes only 20 minutes and can last up to 10 days with the proper care.
  • Our salon is centrally located in Savannah- we are convenient to the Islands, the Southside and all outlying areas of Savannah. Scheduling is flexible- call today to schedule an appointment!
  • Faux Glow Bronzing will give you a gorgeous, smooth finish glow without the harmful and aging effects of the sun. This bronzing glow can't be duplicated with sunless tanning creams/lotions or artificial tanning beds. 
  • Faux Glow Bronzing is instantly slimming. It will make you look and feel 10 lbs. thinner!

Where is Faux Glow Bronzing Studio and how can I schedule an appointment?

Faux Glow Bronzing Studio is conveniently located in central Savannah. We are across the street from South College at 714 Mall Boulevard, Suite 6 located inside A Petite Spa. Call Erin today to get that bronzing glow tomorrow at  912.484.7999.

The holidays are fast approaching! Come in and get glowing!

Faux Glow Bronzing Studio
...located in A Petite Spa
714 Mall Boulevard, Suite 6
Savannah, Ga 31406